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Himalayan Mineral Soap

Himalayan Mineral Soap

249.00    Pack of 1 nos

Quick description:

CRYSTAMIN Natural Mineral Soap is 100% Pure Bio active Natural Mineral Salt. This Millions of year old Crystalized Natural Minerals are hand mined from the range of Himalayas. This Soap bar has Natural White and Pink colour and may contain up to 84 Natural Minerals and Elements. CRYSTAMIN Natural Mineral Soap is Pure, Natural, Unprocessed and free from all type of Chemicals, Pollutants and Additives. The majesty of the Himalayan Mountains and Proven Healing benefits enjoyed by the Kings and Queens are now available for you. Enjoy Natural Organic Living with CRYSTAMIN Natural Mineral Soap - The rare Luxury from Mother Nature ! CRYSTAMIN Mineral Soap is a Multifunctional Natural Salt Soap made from 100 % Pure and Natural Himalayan Pink Salt. CRYSTAMIN Natural Mineral Soap can be used for Bath, Deodorant, Hand or Face Wash, After shave etc. Do not use Soap bar directly on Skin. Moisten and rub Salt Bar between your hand apply this salty liquid to your face for Face Wash, under arm as Deodorant and whole body as a Bathing bar. For Organic Living you may use CRYSTAMIN Natural Mineral Soap in place of Chemically made Hand Wash Liquid or Toiletries which leaves residue on Skin. You may use CRYSTAMIN Natural Mineral Soap which does not left any harmful residue on the skin and has good Natural Anti Bacterial properties. You may use wet Towel and rub it with moist Soap bar and use this Towel to apply on Whole Body. Enjoy the Divine Luxury from Mother Nature for holistic Health, Healing and Wellness !

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